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A healthy Mediterranean diet is "OUR" way of life

MATERIA PRIMA offers fast, healthy breakfast and lunch options designed to compliment today's on the go lifestyle. Quality meals, made with quality ingredients."Our Mediterranean diet" is based on the traditional eating ethos of Italy, where freshness comes first; in fact, to us, freshness is the primary ingredient.

Fresh Food
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    Amazing food begins with amazing ingredients...

    We emphasize a fresh, plant-based eating approach, loaded with healthy fats like avocados, cheese and our beloved Italian olive oil. Our dishes are designed to be healthy and more importantly, satisfying. Rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, legumes, and quality meats and seafood, we leave little room for processed fare. Our ingredients are simply treated and left to shine. Materia Prima’s foundation: seasonal freshness and quality prime ingredient, thus, la Materia Prima.

Quality food in a fast paced setting.

At Materia Prima, we treat our ingredients as the foundation of good meals. Seasonally driven, our focus is on delivering quality food in a fast paced setting. Today's landscape lends itself to processed food and less-than-ideal meal choices. We hope to change this fact and get back to the fundamentals of eating; proper nourishment and wholesome ingredients. "Real Food Fast"

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Seasonally driven, health conscious food prepared daily

The seasons and the markets depict our menus. Our meals are created to help you make better food choices even on-the-go. Being inspired by a Mediterranean lifestyle means that we are constantly in search of the best choice possible. We do not believe in settling when it comes to food. We strongly believe that people would not settle for processed food if they had the choice - the answer was to create Materia Prima. We deliver creative, freshly prepared meals and snacks using only prime, market inspired ingredients."Real Food Fast"

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What are people saying?

  • Peut-être un des meilleurs sandwichs de ma vie (steak et aubergines marinées). Sérieusement, nourriture soignée et délicieuse.

    Jean-Sebastien Ouellet
  • Sandwiches selections are creative, tasty and have a wide variety to choose from. My new favourite place for lunches. Their salads are also quite inspired. I had the orzo with black truffles and goat cheese and it was quite the salad.

    Valerie Vincent
  • Good Food and Service. Nice place. Very good espresso !

    Lorenzo Celletti